Monday, April 21, 2008

vegas baby!

I went to Las Vegas with Tracy, Britt and Angie for Britt's big 4oth birthday. The weekend was lovely and pretty mellow overall - consisting mainly of pool, drink, eat, play slot machines, pool, drink, eat, play slot machines. We stayed at the mirage, which was pretty fabulous - not to mention it was perfect weather. 85 and SUNNY - my poor body is in shock back in Portland, where it is currently 43 degrees. whine whine.

1st day at the pool

me and the birthday girl

slushy drink goodness

And I even managed to keep up with my 365 shots!

yes, these were taken on two different days!

The trek home was interesting due to some odd re-routing through Denver (without tracy who stayed on our original flight) so my final 365 shot of the trip was 'cranky airport layover' heather.

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Nanimal said...

Yahoo fro Britt! that looks like a good time! wow, it is so cool that you all got to go.