Saturday, January 23, 2010

More India Fundraising!

I'm putting together a small online auction for more India trip fundraising. We had a couple items that didn't make it into the Bollywood dance party silent auction, so I thought I'd try the online route.

Here's the link:

Please spread the word!

I'll be adding a few more items, including Nan's awesome handmade clay beads. Here are a couple sneak preview pics:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

No typhoid for me!

typhoid mary
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I'm near the end of my pre-trip vaccines. I received shots for polio, hep A (1 dose), and hep B (2 doses). The typoid vaccine is oral - for some reason. One every other day for four doses. I was being a wimp about starting it because the pharmacist said it made most people nauseous. But no side effects for me!

The trip is coming up so fast - we leave February 25th. This week, we are holding our big "Bollywood, Building and Bhangra" fundraiser at Lola's Room in the Crystal Ballroom. It should be lots of fun - bhangra and ghidda dance lessons, an awesome dj, bollywood movies/projections and a silent auction. So fingers crossed lots of people come!

I've also been doing some reading up:
Delhi Noir - a collection of mystery and moody tales set in Delhi
White Tiger - Arvind Adiga (very powerful - hilarious and heartbreaking)
Dreaming in Hindi - Katherine Russell Rich

Currently reading:
A Girl from Foreign - Sadia Shepherd
Really interesting memoir of a woman exploring her jewish roots in India.