Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunshine and blue skies

Portland finally saw some fabulously sunny warm weather this weekend - unfortunately it only stuck around for about 1 1/2 days. *sigh* But Saturday was loverly - spent a great day hanging out with Cora followed by a swanky soiree for Bradley Angle house (domestic violence shelter). Kim is on the board of Bradley Angle now so a bunch of us went to their yearly fundraising auction. I won by bid on a haircut so watch out for new hair...coming soon!

Friday night was a joint b-day party for Maralea and Sarah - we played some rousing games of apples to apples and I drove everyone nuts with my photo-ing. I'm still playing and practicing with my new 50mm lens.

the birthday girls

cora channels her italian grandmother (i love this shot)

birthday flowers

Now on to the 365 update! Today is day 11 and its been going fairly well. I think I have underestimated the time for this project - it's so easy to get completely consumed by plotting for the pics, spending time on flickr posting and commenting, etc. I'm having fun though. The pics below are Thursday through Sunday. I might have mentioned in an earlier blog how there are many many 'groups' set up on flickr on pretty much any and every topic. I belong to a couple fun ones - including "Smokin' in the Girl's Room" - which is a fab group of photographers. An offshoot of Smokin in the Girl's Room is "I love that, please send" - which is why I'm sportin' a fabulous purple muppet hat in some of the shots below. All the members in the group send out fun items for others to take pics with. Another group is called "It's Friday, so put your feet up and take a break (aka FUTAB)" - which I have already found to be a great shot for Fridays when I'm tired and don't have any fun ideas. Last but not least is Flickr Group Roulette, which 'crashes' other groups for a day. It was created to help 365'ers who needed ideas for their self portraits. It's a hilarious group - very fun and creative. Saturday's topic was "Copy a Cat" - which was suppposed to be copying a fave photo from another flickr photographer but I did a pic with Kaylee (um, didn't they mean copy a CAT?). Today's topic was "Things I can't do"; I chose singing. I would LOVE to be able to sing but its just not gonna happen.


Nanimal said...

nice summary girl.

sunnywave said...

ooh i love the 365 photos, especially the copy a cat !! and you'd make a great singer, esp with that purple hat. i'll be sure to sign into flickr and stalk your photos, lol. (we switched computers at home and the internet wasn't working on the imac this week end! had to take my work laptop home so i could sign in and get my heathy blog fix) xoxoxo love you