Wednesday, September 19, 2012

35. disappointments should be cremated, not embalmed

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Week 35 ~ Embracing Pluto

LIBRA: "Disappointments should be cremated, not embalmed," said the
aphorist Henry S. Haskins. That's good advice for you right now,
Libra. It's an auspicious moment for you to set fire to your defeats,
letdowns, and discouragements -- and let them burn into tiny piles of
ashes. I mean all of them, stretching back for years, not simply the
recent ones. There's no need to treat them like precious treasures you
have an obligation to lug with you into the future. The time is right
for you to deepen your mastery of the art of liberation.

34. like a deep sea diver

34. like a deep sea diver by heathre
34. like a deep sea diver, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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Week 34 ~ Embracing Pluto

LIBRA: When novelist James Joyce began to suspect that his adult daughter Lucia was mentally ill, he sought advice from psychologist Carl Jung. After a few sessions with her, Jung told her father that she was schizophrenic. How did he know? A telltale sign was her obsessive tendency to make puns, many of which were quite clever. Joyce reported that he, too, enjoyed the art of punning. "You are a deep-sea diver," Jung replied. "She is drowning." I'm going to apply a comparable distinction to you, Libra. These days you may sometimes worry that you're in over your head in the bottomless abyss. But I'm here to tell you that in all the important ways, you're like a deep-sea diver. (The Joyce-Jung story comes from Edward Hoagland's "Learning to Eat Soup.")
Free Will Astrology

33. trust your feelings

33.  trust your feelings by heathre
33. trust your feelings, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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Week 33 ~ Embracing Pluto

Although you're moodier than usual with the evocative Moon in your sign, you can trust your feelings now. Even if you're dreaming of a perfect day today, you're also thinking about some deeper psychological issues that you have wrestled with before. Thankfully, you have newfound hope for resolution or change. Use your natural instincts to look at both sides of the situation before choosing which one to support.