Sunday, February 17, 2008

Superhero Photo Challenge #3

Superhero Photo Challenge #3: Shoot in to the sun

This photo challenge came at just the right time. Sun is very fleeting in Portland in February but we had a little sun on Saturday and lots of sun today. I got a couple decent shots but never exactly what I was going for...of course! This is definitely a challenge I will revisit...

Here's my fave:

And a couple runner-ups:

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Nanimal said...

I love these! The top one is my favorite as well. I love the irony or sun/ christmas lights. The lights are dark, the sun is bright... blah blah blah.

Oh christ I am wriring to many poerty analysis papers. lol. seriously though - awesome. Those would make amazing christmas cards - actually just note cards. anytime cards... just saying. um - there are sites from flickr to do such things. I want a notecard set ... just so you know. Like a little combo set - but then I would never use them. I need to have a set were there are like 3 of each one so I can send out 2 of them and frame the 3rd.

k. thanks, I am sure you'll get right on that. I bet Jen would want that as well. Dude, I know your reading this? am I right or what?

so I like the defeated boxer one as well... I'll keep you posted on my other orders. :)