Sunday, February 10, 2008

a bit of a whine-o

I went on a sewing rampage today in an attempt to ignore the fact that I felt like crap and couldn't breathe. I - like most people - do not enjoy being sick and I tend to be overly dramatic and whiney about it. I'm also big on the 'lay low' theory to getting over colds, so I stayed home most of the weekend. Saturday, I missed my wine-tasting trip with Kim and gang but managed to get out and enjoy the balmy Portland February weather on a little 'photo walk'. Here are a couple shots from my trek:
And I sewed three bags this weekend! Two from my old faithful Lotta pattern and one was putting together the tote bag kit (Xmas present from my sewing guru nan).

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Nanimal said...

the bags look awesome. THose Lotta bags are good - I abuse the hell out of mine and it is still just like new. It's my favorite purse/bag.