Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!

It actually - for real - snowed in Portland yesterday. Less than an inch, but its sticking around. It is supposed to be below freezing all week - which is very rare for Portland. Portland State is closed today, so I'm "working" from home. And avoiding going outside, since it's 21 degrees. I'm a wussy west coaster now and can't handle those temps.

As usual, I've been horrible about updating the blog. I can barely keep up with my flickr shots everyday but I think I need to just start blogging from flickr (like I am right now) - there's a handy little link to make it super easy even for a slacker like me.

The last month has been busy busy. I had a great visit with the NYC posse. I spent 5 days with Carmen and family and then 4 days with Em and family. We also had Aaaron over to brunch at Emily's - which was a fabulous bonus. I got to spend a ton of great auntie time, a fabulous thanksgiving meal at Carmen's, some city time and a visit to the Whitney museum to see a great photo exhibit by William Eggleston.

The only downside was the wretched cold I brought back from NYC which knocked me out for about a week. Bruce took excellent care of me - made me food, brought me drugs and listened to my endless whining. And in the midst of that plague, Maralea, Sarah and I had our crafty debut at the Handmade NW Formal Artisans Fair. It went pretty well - we didn't sell as much as we had hoped, but it was an overall great experience. The fair was really well-run with lots of amazing vendors.

I'm finally feeling healthy again - now just trying to stay warm. My house is not meant to withstand the 'arctic storm' (or whatever the newspeople are calling it :)

A week from tomorrow I head to Michigan - can't wait to see everyone. Brown Couch is going to be HUGE this year!!

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sunnywave said...

woo hoo!!! glad you're feeling better--can't wait to see the brown couch post!!! i'll be there in spirit!!! love you girl!