Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brown Couch Fest 2008

Another fabulous Brown Couch at Binnslandia. I had to take two versions of the brown couch shot this year because Erin had to leave early.

This year was one of the biggest ever I'd say! And the big melt held off until we could get alot of sledding in on Death Mountain - even Hannah and Bo took a turn. I'll post more pics later, I promise!

Per Hillel's fabulous suggestion, I'm trying to put together photos from each year since the beginning of Brown Couch. If you have any pics, please email them to me.


Nanimal said...

ahhh... love. I will look around for some shots... Ok... I'll send Cricket to do it. muhahahahahah. "If you find any pictures of us on the big brown couch in the photo albums... you can have a christmas cookie" lol.

sunnywave said...

xoxoxoxox!!!! muuuuaaaah!!! :)