Saturday, March 8, 2008

Superhero Photo Challenge #4

It's time for another Superhero Photo Challenge!

This one was tough for me - mainly due to logistical/tech issues. The challenge was to play with textures - overlaying textures on your photos to give them a different feel. Some textures can make a photo look like canvas or aged, etc. However, my laptop is on its last legs and in order to really play with some cool textures, I needed to download a new program or two - which did not make the computer happy. In fact, every time I load a new batch of pictures, it starts freaking out about memory and now my cd/dvd drive seems to be dead. but enough whining about that! Back to the challenge... So I played around with Picasa (the only photo editing program I currently have installed). I've always liked the look of super-grainy images and picasa has a 'film grain' setting and added some sepia tones. It looks much better larger - you can't really see the grain here too much....

I had fun this morning taking some self-portraits by my kitchen window - experimenting with the light coming through the curtains. The shot above was one I liked but it was kinda blurry, so adding the texture/film grain helped the image, I think. Here are a couple other shots. I always look so cranky and/or depressed in my self-portraits. *sigh*

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