Friday, August 15, 2008

almost time...

Tomorrow is the big day! Yesterday was the rehearsal, which they held at the beach park by Jenny and Brent's favorite surf break (Toes). It was very chill and relaxed. Char will be walking (or running more likely) down the aisle with her little friend Elliot - they are SOOO cute together.

Then we all went out to dinner to a fab chinese buffet - ate way too much, of course. Then went out for drinks at the Moana Surfrider (fancy hotel in waikiki). It was a gorgeous night - almost full moon and so nice to relax with Jenny, Kimberly, Laura, Sam and Erin. Although there was a slight drama because they didn't have any pineapples to make my traditional pineapple drink (um, hello, it's hawaii - how can you run out of pineapples??) So I had to settle for a mai tai.

Hit the beach this morning with Kimberly; we are headed up to Turtle Bay in an hour or so. Here's me with Diamond Head in the background. I managed to NOT get sunburned this morning, pretty proud of myself :)

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Sarah said...

Once I went to an A&W to get a root beer float and they were like, "Yeah, we're out of root beer." How can you be an A&W and be out of root beer?!?!?!? Aren't you ashamed? How can you still even be open? So I feel you on the pineapple, girl.