Thursday, June 12, 2008


I thought I'd post some pics from my fun weekend roadtrip to Bend with Bruce. It was his nephew's 6th birthday as well as a 40.40404040404040 birthday party for a friend. It was a casino party and I discovered a love of roulette :)

We also hit the Deschutes Brewery (and Brewpub),

checked out the Balloons over Bend festival and Night Glow,

hung out with his family....good times all around.

And then on the way home, we stopped by Edgefield and did a little winetasting. Here's a pic of us being wine snobs and one of my arty-farty blurry wine bottle pics.


Nanimal said...

ilove this and the wine tasting snobs pic is so a keeper.

Sarah said...

That's a good angle for Bruce. Why does he look so good angry? I just look angry. And mean.