Friday, June 27, 2008


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Yes, it's for another flickr 'assignment'. Every Thursday is "Happy Aloha Thursday," a group started by a Hawaiian guy living in Nebraska who was a little homesick.

So I'm celebrating by wearing my super-cool knitted lei from Jenny (but on my head because it was a little too hot around my neck), shirt for Blue Planet (cool little surf shop where I've rented boards before when Jenny took me surfing) and my surfer girl bobble toy who is taking on the waves on my head.

I'm off to the Oregon coast with Bruce (and 20 of his friends!) for a camping trip and I'm hoping to brave the very cold Pacific for a little surf adventure. It's going to be perfect weather on the coast - in the 80s, which is VERY rare. Should be good times.

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sunnywave said...

Happy aloha thursday Heathy girl!!!! Okay so i was a bit late in checking the blog... better skip off to check out the flickr account so i can write all my comments there!!! LOVE thatyou still have your lei andyour blue planet tee!! and i LOVE the bobble surfer girl!! can't wait to catch some waves with you in august!!!