Monday, May 26, 2008

now and then

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More fun with flickr! Saturday's 'assignment' was "Me then, me now." I found a stash of great childhood pics that I brought back to Portland a couple Christmases ago. I had a tough time deciding which one to use but went with the 'shrieking on the couch' .

Here's the other one I thought about recreating but it would have been way too hard to find those mickey mouse sandals in my size nowadays. I'm thinking this was taken shortly after 'the big haircut' - poor maggie got sick of the continual hair combing battle and chopped all my hair off. I don't look too pleased, do I??

And one more trip down memory lane. Here's me playing with my donald duck parachute at Big Star Lake (thanks to mom for writing on the back of the photo :)

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sunnywave said...

ooh girl, i LOVE IT!!!! shrieking on the couch is cracking me up. thanks for sharing because I haven't been over to flickr in a while. and i LOVE your shirt in the last picture at big star lake, so sassy!