Saturday, January 19, 2008

sewing club!

Friday was sewing club at my house. We (Kim, Maralea, Tracy and Sarah) are all novice sewers and thought it would be good to get together every couple weeks to help each other out with projects. Depending on the mood, sometimes more chatting, eating and wine drinking occurs than sewing, but that works me for me!
I'm pretty proud of the two projects I did last night. I made some draft snakes out of an old pair of black velvet pants - for the windows in my rather chilly living room. Of course, they don't exactly fit the window sashes, but I'm convinced they are helping. I tried to take some pics but they just end up looking like big black blobs.

Also, I busted out one of the 'kits' my sewing guru Nan made for me - a snazzy pillowcase with groovy polka dot and cupcake material. thanks nan! the tote is next on my list...

Cora and Jason (and Bella - who has the cutest ears ever!) made it in to town from WaWa (or technically Milton-Freewater) around 9 - staying overnight at chez heathre on their way to the coast. It was great to see them - even thought it was very brief. We had an amazing breakfast at Screen Door (must take dad there when he's in town at the end of the month...)

Headed up to Mt. Hood tomorrow for a 'snow day' with some work folks. I rented snowshoes and the drive up will be a great test for my new car (aka Lulu Subaru - yes, I have a horrible habit of naming all my large purchased objects...although I still need a good name for the new camera :)

Back to baking chocolate chip cookies (bruce's famous recipie, of course!)

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend...


Nanimal said...

ooooh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout.

The Pillowcase looks awesome!

carmen said...

sounds so cozy!!! I wish I could be in the sewing club.