Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm finally done procrastinating and getting the ole blog officiallly started. I'm still not sure about the title - I think it will be a work in progress (and thanks to the ladies for their blog title input) But for now 'more adventurous' fits for a couple reasons. First of all, I love the Riley Kilo song and one line has been going through my head for weeks.

I read with every broken heart we should become
More adventurous

And one of my many new years 'hopes' (trying to avoid the whole resolution/goal thing) is to continue to become more adventurous about life in general. I feel like I'm falling in to a bit of a rut and letting inertia taking over....

So here's to 2008 - more adventure, more photography, more sewing, more yoga, more ???

And more bread baking! I made potato bread today, pretty darn proud.


carmen said...

welcome to blogging! I'm so excited to keep up with your adventures. lots of love

cora d said...

Big, big welcome! And an even bigger finally! I know you're going to love blogging.

sunnywave said...

xoxoxo so excited you've officially started blogging! hurray!!!!!!!!!!! big hugs and love
p.s. i want to eat some potato bread!

Nanimal said...

I love it, I love it, I love it. sigh, some daily - or weekly H is just what I need in my life. seriously, getting to see some of your work every week delights me to no end.
I cannot wait to watch your adventure of 2008 unfold - take it on!