Wednesday, September 19, 2012

34. like a deep sea diver

34. like a deep sea diver by heathre
34. like a deep sea diver, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Week 34 ~ Embracing Pluto

LIBRA: When novelist James Joyce began to suspect that his adult daughter Lucia was mentally ill, he sought advice from psychologist Carl Jung. After a few sessions with her, Jung told her father that she was schizophrenic. How did he know? A telltale sign was her obsessive tendency to make puns, many of which were quite clever. Joyce reported that he, too, enjoyed the art of punning. "You are a deep-sea diver," Jung replied. "She is drowning." I'm going to apply a comparable distinction to you, Libra. These days you may sometimes worry that you're in over your head in the bottomless abyss. But I'm here to tell you that in all the important ways, you're like a deep-sea diver. (The Joyce-Jung story comes from Edward Hoagland's "Learning to Eat Soup.")
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