Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2. plots and schemes & hopes and dreams

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Embracing Pluto Week 2 with Vanessa

Libra 2012 Forecast

Saturn, the planet of self-mastery is in your sign through October 2012. This once-every-30-year transit usually brings major life changes and decisions. It's time for you to "grow up" in some significant way. Allow your added responsibilities to forge even greater power and self-assurance. Ironically, much of your inner strength may be cultivated by facing and overcoming frustrations and obstacles. So tackle challenges as if they are tailor made to teach you something valuable. Relationships take on more importance now. Good ones can get deeper, more committed. Sex and/or intimacy can get way better, too. Joint finances might also improve and/or you might benefit from another's transitions.

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sunnywave said...

woo hoo! hopes & dreams! :-)