Saturday, October 31, 2009

rest in peace

300. rest in peace
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One of my work colleagues - Rob - committed suicide this week. It was a huge shock to all of us. He worked with one of our programs on a part-time basis while in the PhD program at PSU. He moved to Colorado last year to work as a mediator with another company, but was contracted on one of our projects. He was in Portland working on the project when it happened.

I didn't know him really well but hung out with him at several work social gathering. We worked on some contracting and grants administration together - one particularly long and painful one - and he was so appreciative. He swore he would take me out for beers as a thank you, so one evening after work we hung out, grabbed some pizza and a beer and talked. He was such a vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic and engaged person. He was training for the Kona Ironman and was constantly looking for some new athletic exploit.

We also had a great chat at the xmas gathering a couple years ago about our Australian romances - he was engaged to an Australian women but things didn't work out. And this was around the time I was realizing Dave and I would not be able to stay together.

And I can only imagine how his girlfriend, parents and friends are feeling right now. My thoughts are with them as they try to cope with this loss. We learned he had struggled with severe depression for over 20 years. I hope he has found peace.

His friends set up a wonderful facebook page in his memory.


sunnywave said...

omg honey, i am so so so sorry to hear about this tragedy. love to you and your coworkers during this sad time.

Nanimal said...

woah. this is awful. just awful

carmen said...

so sad. I can't imagine losing someone I know this way. hugs to you and all that knew him