Sunday, April 26, 2009

115. brian and jenny frolicking in the flower petals

i am guest blogging on _more adventurous_ this amazing picture that heathy took of us. this has been the best visit ever--a lot of rest and relaxation and soaking up the great vibes of friendship forged over upteen years and years and years. i asked heath if i could post these pictures, so that eighteen years from now we can think: oh, we were so young then, so full of laughter, having such a great time.

portland in the spring is beautiful as seen here, but it makes me giggle to think how many more springs will go by and we will still be walking underneath the vibrant sky, maybe humming some cheesy 80's ballad, and cracking ourselves up that we used the word 'bogue'.


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oooohhhhh! beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
(ha and my word verification word is undiness)

christian said...

oh wow... chris logged into my computer - this actually nan! lol