Monday, June 18, 2012

23. or some of each?

33/52 ~ or some of each? by heathre
33/52 ~ or some of each?, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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and week 23 ~ embracing pluto

Patience is your key to success this month, as waves of change grow stronger and stronger. Although these unpredictable transits may turn your life upside down, they also can embolden you to consider making a radical positive change.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

22. even if you're weary

32/52 ~ even if you're weary by heathre
32/52 ~ even if you're weary, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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Even if you're weary from recent relationship struggles, you probably feel much better today. Nevertheless, you're also aware that the issues may not yet be fully resolved. You might be overly concerned that your current vulnerability will lead to disappointment, but you're also intrigued by the potential of major breakthroughs in your life. Be ready to take a risk in the weeks ahead, for you can't count on anyone else to know what's in your heart.

Week 22 ~ embracing pluto

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

21. for whatever joy it brings

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week 21 - embracing pluto

You may become more optimistic and lighter on your feet as the day goes on. However, you also might grow more confused about love and romance. The problem is that you're less sure about what's real and what is imagined. Your thoughts come and go quickly now, so don't worry if you can't hold on to any of them. Attempting to control your mental process only brings frustration. Instead, float along with the currents and enjoy the day for whatever joy it brings.

20. the five of cups

32/52 ~ the five of cups by heathre
32/52 ~ the five of cups, a photo by heathre on Flickr.
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Five of Cups ~ This card is about looking back at things that have happened with regret and with the feeling of “If only I had done… or not done… or I wish I had done… or not done”. It is focusing on what has gone or has been lost and not able to see the good that may have come from the situation.

It is a card of loss, disappointment, sadness, suffering and possibly depression. There can be a feeling of being emotionally let down by someone.

This is a card of great loss, trauma, distress and possibly grief. It can indicate grief through bereavement or raw feelings and emotions when someone is going through a relationship break-up.

It can also be that someone is acknowledging mistakes of the past, although they may not yet be quite ready to turn around and look at the present or look forward to the future.

Week 20 of Embracing Pluto:
You can be pulled into someone's drama now before you even realize
what happened. Although you probably have plenty of complications in
your life, there may be a few more yet to handle. Even if there's a
storm brewing around you, the good news is that you're feeling more
centered. Don't be tricked into thinking that you will lose a chance
at success unless you act decisively right away. The truth is that
even the smallest steps can lead to major improvements.

19. plunge into the unknown

19. plunge into the unknown by heathre
19. plunge into the unknown, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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True grit and sheer determination push your thoughts into action today, even if you might normally wait for a more convenient time to start a new project. But it's not a fear of failure that scares you, it's the fear of success. Discovering buried treasures or revealing great insights comes with a hidden price to pay. Nevertheless, ignorance is a much worse fate. What you learn now can help you handle the upcoming changes, so be courageous and plunge into the unknown.

Week 19 ~ Embracing Pluto

18. let go of any illusions

18.  let go of any illusions by heathre
18. let go of any illusions, a photo by heathre on Flickr.

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Week 18 - Embracing Pluto
The Scorpio full moon is a time of courage and raw power. Let go of the superficial - let go of any illusions of who you think you are. Be not afraid: allow your delusions and confusions to be burned away in the fire of emotion, and allow yourself to emerge from the ashes renewed and with a new understanding of who you really are.